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At KLG Barristers and Solicitors, we house a team of skilled and competent legal professionals well-versed in the vast arena of law. Guided by our values and principles, we consist of a group of legal professionals who concentrate solely on their dedicated areas of law. Our aim is to foster an open and collaborative relationship with our clients, keeping them at the center of the decision-making process at all times. We are unwavering in our commitment to meeting our clients' needs with diligence and proficiency.

We understand that every case we encounter is unique and that every client brings their own set of legal challenges and requirements. Our approach to legal practice in Ontario is built upon this understanding, which prompts us to establish strong rapport with each client. By actively listening to their concerns, we are able to discern their primary objectives and then formulate a tailored legal strategy to achieve those. Our extensive experience, gained over many years, allows us to effectively advocate for our clients' interests with skill, understanding, and sensitivity.

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CJ Khanlarbig

Family Lawyer

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Silvia Kissova

Criminal Lawyer

Our Values

Our guiding principles are founded upon integrity, compassion, and excellence. We believe that our clients deserve nothing less than the highest standard of representation, rooted in professionalism and understanding. Our commitment to integrity demands unflinching honesty and transparency in all our interactions, while our value of compassion is reflected in our empathetic and supportive approach to handling sensitive family and criminal law matters.

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Integrity is the cornerstone of our practice, driving us to consistently uphold honesty, transparency, and ethical standards in our pursuit of justice for our clients.

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Collaboration forms a very important pillar of our work, fostering an environment where our clients, lawyers, and staff can achieve the most favorable outcomes.

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Client Focus

Our client focus is paramount, driving us to consistently place the needs and objectives of our clients at the heart of our legal practice.

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Our approach to service is characterized by diligence and dedication, delivering comprehensive and personalized legal support to our clients.

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Intellectual rigor is embedded in our practice, as we apply meticulous legal analysis, creative problem-solving, and a deep understanding of law to each case.

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Lawyers collaborating in association, not partnership.

Our approach enhances the quality of service by facilitating a focused, expert-driven approach to each client's unique legal needs.

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