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Weapons charge


KLG Barristers and Solicitors, with a reputation for its unwavering commitment to upholding justice and defending the rights of our clients, recently navigated the complexities of a case centred around weapons charges, emphasizing the importance of thorough evidence examination.

Note: While the essence of these legal battles remains accurate, specific details have been sufficiently altered to maintain anonymity.


Our client found himself trapped in a situation that threatened to alter the course of his life. Facing allegations of possessing a firearm in a vehicle with several other occupants, the weight of the charge hung heavily. Such allegations, given their severity, not only bear legal implications but also cast a shadow of uncertainty, anxiety, and potential societal judgment on the accused. Amidst this backdrop, the task was to delve deep into the specifics of the situation to ensure that the truth emerged and justice prevailed.


The central issue was determining our client's knowledge and control over the firearm in the vehicle. The Crown aimed to establish that our client was aware of and had control over the weapon, a claim that could lead to severe legal repercussions.

KLG Barristers and Solicitors embarked on a rigorous review of all available evidence. Recognizing potential gaps in the Crown's case, we made strategic disclosure requests. This approach gave us a foundation to believe that the Crown would struggle to conclusively prove our client's knowledge or control of the firearm in question.

The challenges we raised regarding the Crown's ability to establish our client's knowledge and control of the firearm led to our client being discharged. This meant not only the avoidance of potential legal penalties but also saved our client from the financial and emotional toll of a full-fledged trial, underlining KLG Barristers and Solicitors' dedication to justice and client welfare.


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