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Bodily harm assault


Routing the legal challenges of personal conflicts requires a keen understanding of both the human psyche and the intricacies of the law. In a society where professional skills and personal actions often intersect, discerning the line between them becomes crucial. KLG Barristers and Solicitors recently stepped into the spotlight of such a dispute, representing a client whose professional expertise became the focal point of a legal battle.

Note: While the essence of these legal battles remains accurate, specific details have been sufficiently altered to maintain anonymity.


The incident in question was rooted in a seemingly typical personal dispute between two friends. However, the situation quickly escalated beyond a mere verbal disagreement. Our client, who held a background as a mixed martial arts fighter, was unexpectedly attacked by his friend wielding a metal pole. Reacting to this sudden threat, our client defended himself with a single punch. This action, though instinctual, led to his friend sustaining a fractured jaw. Given his professional training, the case drew attention, with questions arising on whether his skills played a role in the severity of the injury.


The central issue was whether our client's actions could be deemed as self-defence. The Crown argued that, given our client's professional training, he should have been aware that his punch could lead to serious harm. They contended that his response was excessive force, given the situation.

KLG Barristers and Solicitors presented a robust defence centred around the principle of self-defence. We argued that the imminent threat posed by the metal pole warranted a defensive response from our client, regardless of his professional background. Furthermore, we emphasized that one's professional training should not be used as a determinant for assessing the appropriateness of their reaction in a spontaneous, threatening situation

The judge, assessing the facts and arguments, concurred with our stance. The court determined that our client acted in self-defence, and his professional training in mixed martial arts was deemed irrelevant to the case. Consequently, the client was acquitted, reinforcing KLG Barristers and Solicitors' dedication to understanding and advocating for the complexities of each individual's circumstances.


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